Monday, January 25, 2010

And then there were four!

So how many do I need to make a nice size blanket for a child and and how do I put them together?

Friday, January 22, 2010

My first Granny! Ever!

I made my first Granny Square! Ever!

It is purple and lime green, the colors of Starknuts, a little Harry Potter /coffee /tea / knitting /crochet community I frequent. We are trying to make a bunch in the Starknuts colors to send to Ofenjen.

Actually this is my second. The first did not go well. I'm tearing it out an redoing it and it looks very nice. I don't know how many I'll make. I think 6 make a baby blanket, so I might aim for that. We'll see.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Batiks on Black are so cool!

I entered two quilt blocks for Ofenjen's Batiks on Black contest. I used her slightly twisted pattern, which I really like. The fact that I finished is a minor miracle.

There are 30+ blocks in the drawing and they are all so cool!. Whoever wins gets the lot. Is that totally cool or what!

Thanks Ofenjen!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Chudley Cannons!

If you want to make your own Chudley Cannons Shirt, I have uploaded the front and back stencils to my flicker account. Just click on the image and you will be taken to the full size image on Flickr.

I really don't recommend using the t-shirt transfer paper, it is very fast, but it just won't last. I only used it cause I was in an uber hurry. You'll get a much better result if you cut a stencil out of freezer paper and use black fabric paint. The logo will have the CC floating in the middle of the black circle, so use care when cutting that part out. And the slogan will of course take forever.

I was thinking if you have a Slice or other cutting machine, you should be able to cut freezer paper with the slice and cut the letters as stencils? Or even just cut out the letters and stipple around them.

Hum,... Hobby Lobby has the Slice on sale,...

We are not sporty kinda people.

K got in the car yesterday after school and announced that tomorrow, that is today, was going to be her schools annual "Wear your team sweatshirt to school day!" It comes around every year, but this year is extra special cause Alabama is playing,... some big game,... today,... against some other team,... Texas,... I think,... I really have no idea. Football?... Obviously, we are not sports fans.

Well, maybe one sport,...

We drove to the Walmart, cause Michaels didn't have any sweatshirts, and bought two orange sweatshirts, on sale for $5 each, (Yeah!) and raced home. K designed the logo, which is not cannon, (get it cannon!) but I really like it. I used t-shirt transfer for light colors and saturated the black when I printed it. Halfway through I thought I had ruined the shirt, it turned deep burnt orange where I put the iron. But when it cooled, it went back to normal. Love the team slogan!

Unfortunately, just found out this morning that the main color for the other team in the big Alabama game today is,...Orange! She will undoubtedly be stoned to death upon arrival. Unless her librarian saves her.

Monday, January 4, 2010

22 Foot Scarf, Naruto Hat and One Happy Cat.

I've been off with family for the last few weeks, baking and eating cookies, sleeping and visiting friends, and generally laying around watching Doctor Who and having a wonderful holiday.

Mr. Man, K and I have been watching old Doctor Who's for years, but K is just old enough to watch the new Who without hiding behind the sofa and we are having such fun. Mr Man and I have seen all the way to the end of the Martha's, but with K we are about half way thru the 10th doctor's first season. K loves Ten and is so upset that the Doctor is regenerating into "some stupid teenager!" Give him a chance Sweetie.

With all that inspiration, I spent my birthday making another Doctor Who scarf for F, the daughter of a friend. She saw the one I made in 2008 for my friend M and wanted it soo0000 bad, I just had to make her one. I cheated though. I used my knitting machine and finished it in a day, instead of a year. It's stockinette, and it curls like crazy, but I ironed it and it laid flattish enoughish. She squeeed, said "Mom! Mom! It's the scarf!!!!" so I'm thinking it was a hit. She wore it wrapped around her head like a mummy or around her torso like a sarong the whole night.. Yeah. She liked it.

22 feet with fringe!

I made her brother W a Naruto hat. K thought of it at the last minute and I had a total of 35 minutes to put it together, so not my best work, but he was so happy. He loved the eyes and put his mom's sunglasses on them. It was really funny. W is just a funny guy.

And just for fun a pic of Miss. Kitty, cause she's been so sick and she's feeling happy again. Don't get too close.

Did I mention unhappy sick kitties do not use their litter box. *I love my kitty, I love my kitty, I love my kitty*